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About us

Our Vision

Our vision is to see God glorified in and through the Heritage Baptist Church.  We want to be obedient to Him and fulfill the "Great Commission".  Our desire is to help people to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

"Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen." - Ephesian 3:21


Our Pastor

Francisco Penner


You may reach Pastor Penner by this email:

Pastor Francisco Penner grew up in Southwestern, Ontario where his family moved when he was six years old.  
He received Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour at the age of thirteen when he heard John 3:16 at a Bible camp north of Toronto, Ontario.  The Gospel message became personal to him when he realized his good works would not save him and the fact that Jesus Christ had personally died in his place on the cross.

One of the greatest impacts on his life after salvation was attending an independent Baptist Church in Manitoba.  Hearing the preaching of God's Holy Word and putting it into practice helped him to become a faithful man of God.
While in a four-year Bible College program, Francisco gained much experience in preaching, teaching, ushering, bus ministry and soul winning.  God called Pastor into the ministry and he served the Lord fervently.  

In 2003 he met Beth (Miller) at Cedar River Baptist Camp in Letts, IA.  It was obvious God had put these two together by His design and they were married on July 3rd, 2004.  Francisco & Beth have served the Lord together in local New Testament churches in Manitoba, Ontario and in Iowa.  Francisco was ordained into the Gospel Ministry on the 14th day of June in the year of our Lord 2009.  He served as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Bus Captain, and Police Chaplain in the community.  

While serving as Associate Pastor in Burlington, IA, God began to call them back to Southwestern Ontario to plant Independent Baptist Churches.  The Penners were sent by Heritage Baptist Church and Pastor Brad Cranston in May of 2010.  They raised prayer and financial support while seeing many souls come to Christ and preaching in hundreds of churches. He enjoys preaching Missions Conferences, and has a great desire to follow the Lord and be obedient to His "Great Commission".

The Penners have three lovely children, Josie, Charity, and Elisha.  The family enjoys serving the Lord together, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Leamington, Ontario.  

Pastor Francisco Penner is a God called Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is ordained by a New Testament Baptist Church and is the Pastor of the Heritage Baptist Church in Leamington.  The Penner Family started the Heritage Baptist Church for God's glory!